November 30th, 2003

Shabu Dog

har har

Finished sketching swiftrat's commission. I should be able to watercolor it sometime this week. Hope my commissioner(s) like it =)

watched a movie called White Oleander. According to Tavis, i apparently live under a rock, because i have never heard of the movie before in my life, but i watched it and liked it a lot. Very well done IMO and you should see it. now.

going to try to get some more work done while Elisha is gone. I bought her a shot glass to add to her collection when i was in Havasu. Very cute =)

I'm rambling.
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Shabu Dog


Does anyone want this necklace? I had it in my jewelry box and I never wear it but I think its gorgeous. Its got this spiral/shell bead thats shaped kind of like a heart and its all shiny and purdy =)
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Shabu Dog

Art Dump

DeviantArt has been on the fritz so I'm uploading to my Yerf gallery. Its times like this when i seriously need a website but i just havent had the time to plan one out. Kura and Tavis are going to help me though...even if i have to bite them =)

Swiftrat's commission sketch I finished today

Some oldies but goodies
A doodle of Ahkahna i did when i was sitting in the school cafe with Dravalen and Sulaco
random smilodon sketch i did over Thanksgiving without references...and boy does it show!

I really wanna do a full color smilodon pic but i need good facial refs. Does anyone know where i should look? I know theyre extinct blah blah blah, but i need to know if their face was more lion like or jaguar like. I've seen both but i really like drawing them very lion-like, but I want to do this right.

Who am i kidding, like i have the time to do that, but one can dream =)

also jadewolf926 inspired me to jump on the bandwagon and get this werewolf design i have in my head down on paper and create some sort of background for it. I may just do that =)
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