February 7th, 2004

Shabu Dog

Kenya Kena

We can see lions.....only in Kenya....

Okay..im frightened of the zombie badgers...*looks at Weebls site more*
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Shabu Dog

cool survey thingy stolen from dingybatty

What is your comfort...

Chocolate, donuts, flautas,pepperoni and mushroom pizza

nesquik, shirley temples.

...stuffed toy or security blanket?
Currently I have Blizzard the husky tav got me and his fleece blanket he let me take home with me

Clerks and Sleepless In Seattle. I can watch those over and over again and never get sick of them

...TV show?
The Simpsons and I love the 80's

I hate reading, but I like "The Little Prince". Its an easy read, and very deep.

I don't read poetry, just write it.

Five Iron Frenzy, Queen and Bad Religion..oh..and the Balto Soundtrack

Cuddling and drawing..a bonus if I'm doing both

...scent or smell?
Tavis' smell, my dog's smell and Lutece perfume (reminds me of my mom in the 80's.)

...noise? (not music)
heavy rain, Tavis sleep noises, and my dog's claws on the linoleum. that last one makes me giggle like a dork =)


JESSE!!! *fuzzle fuzzle fuzzle fuzzle*
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    Jesse's dogtags jingling..hee!!