February 8th, 2004

Shabu Dog


My dog and I both need to go into rehab. I'm addicted to the internet and she's horribly addicted to Ol' Roy dog treats. *twitch* It's gotta stop before she starts whoring herself out for her "bacon strips" fix. WHY WON'T YOU LET ME HELP YOU?!
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    Jesse whining at me to "please..give her whats in the bag"


This is a really stupid annoyance.

Why the hell do people make their characters BLIND? OMFG I'm uber-kewl cuz my char is handicapped in some seemingly bizarre way! It bumps into walls and lights the house on fire when performing a smudging ceremony and waving its spirit stick!

Or..its blind..but can miraculously function as a normal character.

OR! It's partially blind and/or scarred up beyond recognition to give it some uniqueness.

Well..you know what? It's not unique. Nope. Tons of people do it and quite frankly, it screams "TLK fandom", which consists of people who do exactly the same thing!

I know..why dont I chop Thorn's arms off, puncture her eardrums and set her on fire..will she be cool then?


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Shabu Dog

I have friends???

Dad and I cleaned my car today. I had another breakdown about driving and work and school. Enough of that though...

Greg Lang came over today and much merriment was had. I wore my "Greg Sucks" T-shirt and we went to get Starbucks and contemplated the meaning of life..or at least "how on earth is one supposed to save money/live in this state". We've decided that it is impossible. The end.

We walked around the mall and found that being a Mallrat is not all it's cracked up to be..nor is Spencer's gifts, so we came back to my house and watched a movie he brought over but hadn't seen before. It was a Japanese action flick called "Versus" and it had zombies in it, so we thought it would be good. The movie would have been excellent had it not been for the AWFUL plot! Has anyone seen this? If not...watch it. It has GREAT camera angles *which MUST have been difficult to storyboard/film* but the plot is so stupid..that its..well..funny in a lame way. Jesse lightened the mood even more by trying to kiss Lang's beard with her icky stink breath. =D

Then he left and my roommate commented that I have a lot of guy friends. This is true, and most of them are my ex boyfriends..but that doesn't mean I like them "iin that way". If I did, I wouldn't be dating Tavis now would I? Besides, I need all the friends I can get. But Elisha is right in this..most of my friends ARE guys..and the girl friends I have aren't typical girls...and one is a transgender. So there =P

I miss Tavis. *whine*