February 14th, 2004

Shabu Dog

Alone again..


And please..its valenTINE'S not valenTIMES...

Welp! Time to give the dog a bath. >_<

God this song is depressing.
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Shabu Dog

Fetus X 2!!!!

Well I've been trying to find the Gangs of New York soundtrack for a couple weeks now. Fry's didnt have it, Best Buy didn't have it..and now I'm resorting to shopping online.

Okay..so its not like they don't carry it..they were just simply sold out. How can you be sold out of that soundtrack? its not like its popular or anything! *grump*

Best Buy.com had it..and they have free shipping, but their online buying forms are so fucked up its not even worth it. Maybe when Sulaco and I are out tomorrow we can find a CD store. *le sigh*

Oh..like my new icon? BWAHAHAHA!
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