February 21st, 2004

Shabu Dog


Jesse just carried my pants away 0_o

Going to breakfast with Dad. I'm slowly learning to love breakfast. Its...eeeenteresting.

Going to do some art-ness today. Lets hope I don't end up hating it and destroy it later on.

Tavis woke me up this morning and he got bugged cuz he thought a guy had answered my phone. He's been having issues with his phone service involving crossed wires and whatnot so I thought he had accidentally been listening in on someone elses conversation. He swore up and down a guy answered my phone..but we later found out it was just my tired noises. I SOUND LIKE A MAN? WTF?! *giggle*

Thorn da grumpy wuff!
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Shabu Dog

And I'm not clownin' around!

Went out to breakfast with Dad today, that was good. Had a giant German pancake *mmm my fave*

Went to Blockbuster to find TLK 1 1/2 AGAIN for the 4th time and it was sold out again, so I rented Vulgar and Batman *the first one*

Vulgar is one of the only Kevin Smith flicks I haven't seen, and I thought It was going to be kickass because Brian O'Halloran is in it (Dante Hicks) but it was just really bizarre. It was in the drama section, but IMO, KS doesn't work very well with drama. Since all the characters were the same people he uses in his other movies, and there were references to his other movies (room 37, Brian O'Halloran's dog, Caitlin..) I just couldn't take it very seriously, not to mention it was a real downer. "That's what life is..a series of down endings.." - Dante Hicks, (Clerks)
Brian O'Halloran did a good job, but its one of those fucked up movies that makes you wonder "wtf?!" So..if youre a Kevin Smith fan, see it, its interesting nonetheless...(and Kevin Smith looks weird without facial hair!)

Something really weird, I cut my thumb today and I don't know how I did it, nor did I feel it, because when I looked at my thumb it was just COVERED in blood with a good slice cut out by my nail. Even after examining it and washing it, it STILL doesn't hurt. Do I even have nerves there? =P Its a good sized gash too..hrm. At least it wont affect my drawing, but I need to start keeping bandaids in my car.

Okay, going to watch Batman.

*EDIT* OMG I just now realized how ironic it is that I rented a movie by Kevin Smith and a movie by Tim Burton considering they had that stupid argument bitch-fest not long ago. *laughs* Okay that's probably funny only to me...0_o
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My List....

The list of things I own that are Kevin Smith related:

Clerks *cartoons* Lunchbox
Clerks Soundtrack *courtesy of Tavis...oo la la*
Clerks special edition DVD
Clerks: Uncensored *cartoons* DVD
Clerks Cartoons Dante Inaction figure
Clerks Cartoons Randal Inaction figure
Clerks Cartoons Dante mini-poster

Chasing Dogma Comic
Clerks Comics (which Tavis has and lost..grr..)
Bluntman and Chronic Comic

Dogma DVD (I have 2 of them)

Mallrats Shirt (With quotes on the back)

What I want:

Everything else =)

So this is what it takes to make me happy..hahaha omg I'm a loser =P

*EDIT* Kat just pointed out my idiocy...shame Kat..shame ;)
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Shabu Dog


Suddenly I feel like I'm going to vomit. Whats up with the random nausea spells?
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