March 2nd, 2004

Shabu Dog

I'm Loved!!!!

frisket17 I got your Valentines Day card!! EEEEE! Thank you!! So very very cute =D Thanks for the drawing..and the pixie stick of course..*which I inhaled upon opening the card...bwah!*

*feels loved*
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Shabu Dog


One down, 3 to go.

Commission from my co-worker <---clicky clicky

It was originally just a sketch commission..but I went a little overboard on the shading since I don't usually draw people like this, buuut its an anniversary pic so I accepted the challenge. Note to future commissioners..."wow look you draw cool animals, hey..draw my portrait as a human" is not a good idea unless you plan on paying me a lot more than you usually would for a sketch. Unfortunately..I did not think of that when taking this on..but ah well. Live and learn...and then get Luvs..?

Now I just have to finish klandagi's sketch commission and kaffe's ornament and I'll put up a ladder commission up on furbid. =)\
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