March 17th, 2004

Shabu Dog

Grandma Status

Here's what's been happening the past couple of days:

Last week: Grandma started feeling kind of sick like cough/cold stuff, but then started breaking out in a horrible red/purple rash. She went to the doctor and they gave her some medicine which made the rash persist and get worse, to the point where they were more like burns or she had been scalded. Her face puffed up and swelled up as well to the point where she could barely function. My aunt took her into the doctor and they did some tests and noticed a spot on her lung which looked to them to be pneumonia.

Long story short, it was pneumonia but they had to drain the liquid that was accumulating on her lung, which is what they had to do yesterday which is why I was so freaked out. I was at work and dad suddenly said that we had to go see grandma because she was in the hospital.

Last night they drained her lung and did some more tests. They found out she has fluid on the OTHER lung and now they have to drain that as well. She is also complaining of a sharp pain in the area of her gall bladder, but the doctors are going to look at.

As far as the rash, we don't know yet, but from what they're saying it appears to be an allergic reaction to ibuprofin. So, from now on, she can only take Tylenol.

Thanks guys for all your thoughts and prayers, my grandma is making her way towards recovery =)
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Shabu Dog


Stuff like THIS is annoying. Thank you to frisket17 for pointing that out.

I don't see a reason to get nasty about it, but hopefully they will adhere to my personal art useage rules.
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