March 18th, 2004

Shabu Dog


Kevin Smith was on the radio today talking about his new movie Jersey Girl. Too bad I missed most of it because he came on at 7:25 and I have to be IN work at 7:30. 91x always does that do me...grr! I'm a loyal listener, but good god, people have work and school during the times their awesome guests come on. I e-mailed the Brand X morning show pleading my case and asking for a next-day replay. We'll see how that goes. KS was concerned that people will look at Jersey Girl and think "Gigli", which, according to him, is SO not what Jersey Girl is like. Let's hope for the best on this one. KS don't fail me now!

On another amusing note, guess who approached Kevin Smith with a movie idea? Michael freakin' Jackson.

So here's the pitch:

MJ's idea involves a man that has the ability to turn into a racecar....driven by a little boy. It's called "Hot Rod". Needless to say KS said no...(thank god).

I swear this is the honest to god truth, *giggles* Will MJ ever cease to amuse me? I think not =)

Snootchie Bootchies!
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Shabu Dog

Need AC tips

katarina42 and I are both new to the whole AC experience so I thought I'd ask everyone a few questions regarding the art show:

-How do I mail stuff in?
-How do I get them back if they don't sell?
-How do I ensure that someone puts them up on display?
-whats the best way to get my pieces matted and framed? (and the least expensive of course)
-is there anything else that would be good for me to know if I'm going to be mailing artwork into the art show to be sold?

I am such a n00b. =P
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