March 30th, 2004

Shabu Dog

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Shabu Dog

Los Angeles Is Burning!

So the other day I was listening to the radio and I got to hear the new Bad Religion song. I was so stoked, but there's no one who can share my joy because A: no one I know likes BR except Tavis and Russ and B: no one has heard the new song and C: even if the 2 people who care about BR won't get how excited I was to hear the new song because they dont live in California.

So for your reading pleasure I'm posting the lyrics to the new Bad Religion song, "Los Angeles is Burning" (under the cut) Collapse )

It's got a really nice sound, so go out and buy "The Empire Strikes First" when it comes out in..June..I think..June or July.
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Shabu Dog

Jimmy Hoffa is in the dog treats

My friend Kura works at a PetCo.

Some interesting stuff happens there.

Kura just told me:

Kura: there was a human finger bone imprinted in one of the piece of rawhide from a rawhide treat bag. Better yet a cop found it in our store...

Apparently one of the rawhide treat bags was open and a cop was in the store looking for a little goodie for his K9 partner and one of the rawhides he pulled out of the open bag had the perfect imprint of a human bone. According to Kura it looked like a human fingerbone was attached to the side of the rawhide.

Talk about bizarre.

The cop said to tell him if the company calls and asks about that's going to happen.

No more mooching off Kura's employee discount for me..them shits tainted!
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