April 28th, 2004

Shabu Dog


Yesterday when I let Jesse out to go potty, she went up the steep embankment to chase a black cat. Little jerk >_<

I didn't want to be late for work and since she completely IGNORES me when she's outside ie: won't come when I call her, I had to go chasing after her. I was half dressed, so I had my nightshirt on with my work pants and work shoes and I proceeded to climb over the wooden ledges and up the embankment. She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw me coming, but as I approached her, I fell face first into a large hole that was covered by brush, injuring my leg, elbow, and right wrist. Funny enough, when /I/ fell in the hole, Jesse yelped. Sympathy maybe? Or maybe its just her little doggy way of going "OH MY GOD!" Still, I was pretty mad, so I grabbed Jesse by the collar and tried to lead her off the embankment as I usually do when she's leashless *although I never put a leash on her when she's in the backyard, after this incident that will change*, but I lost my footing, and she tripped on the way down the hill and hit her head on the wooden ledge =( She's okay, but for a few seconds she didn't move and it caused me to have flashbacks to when Xander the parakeet hit the cieling fan and died...it scared the shit outta me, especially since I wasnt sure if it was her fault or mine.

Luckily, she got up and ran away from me into the house as I started chasing her, but when I caught up with her I went to pick her up so I could pick out the burs out of her fur, and she tucked her tail and shuddered like I was going to hit her!! Now, I've never hit my animals. A little swat on the bum here and there, not hard of course, she's only 21 lbs, but ever since Jesse turned 6 (she's 9 now)I figured she knew better and all I ever do now is just scold her in a harsh tone of voice, she gets the point enough. It really bothers me that she shuddered like that, since being a dog from a good home, she should never know the fear of being hit, especially on the face judging by the way she was shuddering and shutting her eyes tightly. Makes me wonder who took care of her that hit her when I couldnt care for her when I was at mom's appartment =*(

Anyhoo, I was pretty pissed at Jesse so I didn't pick the burs out of her fur afterall but let her do it herself. She wants to run off like that, fine, she knows everytime she goes up too far she gets covered in those things. She got em out by the time I got home though..little jerk. I had called dad that morning and told him what happened. I was covered in mud on my pantlegs but didnt have anymore clean clothes for work and my arm was bleeding and sore, so he cleaned me up and we carpooled to work.

And in spite of all that..I still made it to work on time! =D

I'm still pretty sore though, but at least I can draw *sighs with relief*
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