May 3rd, 2004

Shabu Dog

Is it hot in here or is it just me?

Happy first official day of fire season everyone!

Today there are 2 fires burning in Riverside county *where I live* and another one slightly north. A fourth was just put out yesterday that was where I used to have classes on the military base. The one by the indian casino near here is still going strong and filling our backyard with ash and making it hard to breathe.

Not to mention guess what the temperature today was....go on...guess.... 103.

I have a new nick-name for California: "Easy Bake Oven". It's been so freaking hot here the past couple of weeks and with these fires starting, its sure not helping things. Where's that rain??

Oh..and get this..not only do we have fires..we're having lots of shark warnings on the when you go to get some relief from the blaze..CHOMPITY CHOMP CHOMP!

Stay home, don't move to California, trust me. I'm so close to stripping down naked and running through our non-functioning sprinklers..and that's not a pretty sight.

In other news, my teacher LOVED my design (the dragon tea logo thingy) and since I and 3 other people were the only ones to turn it in today, she pushed the due date to next monday so I get to coast for the next week. Niiiice =>

Ooo..theyre playing Brand New on some MTV show in the other room..sweet!
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Shabu Dog

Thorn the city slicker

My trip with dad really made me wanna go hunting. Yes..hunting. I've had the urge before but I've never gone and never thought of killing an animal but if I ate it afterwards I'd be okay. The reason I say this is because dad told me the story of when he went boar hunting in the Florida everglades and shot a boar between the eyes with a musket. Sounds so fun!

..okay..end ramble and wishful thinking.
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