May 23rd, 2004

Shabu Dog


I can't stop staring at westly's default LJ icon. Sessy Hugh Jackman as a werewolf.....*drools*

Something about a big hairy manly man makes me all happeh. =)

Yes, I'm avoiding sleep because my bed was formerly a doggy toilet. Someone hold me. =(
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Shabu Dog


You will NEVER guess what I found so I'm just going to tell you =D

I found the original pencil drawings of this:

and this:

*bouncy* I thought I lost them forever, and if I did find them, I thought they would be a crumpled mess filed away with my Grad Nite stuff!

Now what to do with them. My options are:

-keep them
-sell them on furbid
-sell them at AC (provided i get a spot)
-some other option I havent thought about yet.

Hrm..what to do what to do
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Shabu Dog

Mmm tasty

East coasters, wondering what to do with all those cicadas?

Bust out the BBQ sauce and have at it :

mmmmmmmm.... *gag* I'm so glad I'm on the west coast right now.

Im so exhausted this morning. I am NEVER able to sleep in!! No one leaves me alone, whether its the Jehova's Witnesses stalking me *yes, they're stalking me, they keep leaving my envelopes with MY NAME on them at my doorstep if I don't answer...* Or Elisha telling me to move my car, or my dog asking to go outside..I can't sleep in anymore =(

*puts a pillow over her head* someone just give me some Nyquil so I can sleep the day away.

I'm going to the beach on Monday. Need to get a little color so you can't see through my skin *eeeewww*. Too bad tiffalynx can't go...I haven't seen her in forever and of course our beach day is also her dad's b-day, but ah well. I understand.

I'm in the process of making a new character, maybe I'll draw her a little today. I also have another one in the lineup, but its really lame and I don't think it will go anywhere.

Sorry I keep updating. I'm just really really bored =P

*edit* apologies for the LJ icon, its not the most flattering picture of me and I "looka lika man!"
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Shabu Dog

firsts and lasts survey snagged from joeypoey

first best friend: Taylor Farlow. we got into a fight fairly recently. I miss her.
first car: 2000 Jetta, white w/ black leather interior...and now freshly waxed!
first date: *ashamed* Ben Lee, 6th grade. We got donuts....with his mom and dog and Annie Kang. mrsbadexample you may smack me when ready.
first break-up: Ben Lee....DUMPED ME ON VALENTINES DAY
first Screen Name: BazookaSD. The SD stands for San Diego, as it does in my current stupid/unoriginal SN =P
first self purchased album: This is really embarrassing...Tag Team "Whoomp There It Is" *facepalms* I hate rap..but for some reason i found that cd amusing...still have it too..ugh.
first pets: Schnapps the schnauzer
first piercing/tattoo: um...*points to ears* thems naked (i have an ear sucking fetish and feel that jewelry would get in the way)...and I dont believe in punching holes in my body and filling them with ink.
first true love: I thought Branden..but what /is/ true love. Is it the one that lasts forever?? is it the first love ever? what?
first enemy: Arianna Young in kindergarten, who was actually homecoming princess/queen or whatever of junior prom at my highschool. Who knew a stupid little pock-faced bully could turn into a pretty ditz who can't pronounce the word "attendance".
first musician you remember hearing in your house: Morris Day and the motherfuckin' TIME! *points to LJ icon*'m sure you can imagine how giddy I was when they appeared in Jay and SB strike back

last car ride: Driving myself back from Target where I got my car wax and bucket and rags *i don't know what happened to my last set..shows how much i wax my car*
last kiss: Tavis when I dropped him off at the airport.
last good cry: Are any cries a good cry? *doesnt remember, but knows it was probably within the last 2 weeks*
last library book checked out: library? check out?? read??? Seriously though I think it was in the early 90's...probably one of those books with the hamster people in them. I do my studying in the library or take notes in barnes and noble.
last movie seen: In the theatere, Van Helsing, elsewhere, American Wedding
last beverage drank: Pepsi
last food consumed: Pizza with pepperoni and mushrooms
last crush: Tavis...but if you mean the last crush that didn't end with me dating that person..well..hrm..I don't know.
phone call: Jaime called me and we had a nice talk..havent talked to her since the aftermath of her car accident (she's fine, just had to cancel her classes cuz she's behind)
last item bought: A low carb hershey bar. WTF?
last annoyance: Elisha getting home.
last disappointment: That Tiff and Jaime can't make it to the beach tomorrow
last word you said: "adios"
last song you sang: Kyoto Now - Bad Religion
what is in your cd player?: Korn-Issues
what color socks are you wearing?: socks? *wiggles toes*
what color of underwear are you wearing?: Underwear? *lol jk its denim-esque blue*
what's under your bed?: Portfolios and other large art pieces that don't fit in drawers or against walls. And dust bunnies. And Jesse's tennis ball which she keeps asking me to reach but I know better..
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