June 3rd, 2004

Shabu Dog

This is amusing

ONTONAGON -- The Ontonagon County Sheriff's Department has been allocated $133,000 for equipment as part of a Homeland Security Grant. The department told the Ontonagon County Board of Commissioners Tuesday that they have requested bulletproof vests, gas masks with extra canisters, binoculars, chemical protective suits with boots, and a boat and trailer with the grant.

Now, this seems perfectly alright...but the thing is, that $133,00 is going to a department with 14 officers. LOL! Talk about paranoid =)
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Shabu Dog


Thornwolf's LJ stalker is disabled!
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Um....the fuck??

Guuuuuys..my meme thingy is broken...or some handicapable person is totally on my ass...
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