June 5th, 2004

Shabu Dog

oh god..

So I'm on this low carb diet *been doing pretty well, I've already lost 2 pounds and my goal is 10-15* and my dad and his girlfriend (June) are on it too. I was over at their house whining and complaining about how I wanted cake, since it was June's birthday, and dad of course is taunting me, but offers me a tuna sandwich instead. I said "but sandwiches have bread" he said he had some low carb bread, but its a good idea to not use 2 slices, just use one slice and fold it over.

I said...and get this....

"Oh, like a tuna taco? ACK! I MEAN!!" *covers mouth*

I don't think they got it, but Joy laughed her butt off =P

How embarrassing.

In other news, gearpony and I are going to the zoo. The San Diego Zoo...mmmyep. Fuuuun!
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