June 21st, 2004

Shabu Dog


I like my coffee like I like my men....here and available in mass quantities!

*slurp* For the first time ever I'm drinking my coffee black this morning. I need to wake up...badly...badly badly badly.

I don't know why I'm so tired. I slept most of yesterday, which made me wired last night, which means I stayed up till like, midnight. Oh..thats why I'm tired. *brick*

And I still have to clean house today..someone shoot me please...*Is joking but straps on a bulletproof vest anyways...hell we have lots around these parts*

*edit* wow, black coffee tastes like cigarettes...or maybe thats just cuz its free break room coffee *pthoo!*
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Shabu Dog

arrghhh! nothings working out


I want to go to ComiCon but i missed the pre-registration date by 2 days. plague_dog says that the line to buy tickets at the door is hella long and i should go early the first day. Now, I wouldnt mind doing that, but the first day is a Thursday and I work during the week. I don't know if i can ask for Thursday off to go stand in line..especially if im asking for 2 weeks off in August to go see Bad Religion on Randal's Island in NY/check out apartments near Pratt

ARGH ARGH ARGH!! Well, maybe I just wont go then..or wait all day saturday for a one/two day pass *sigh*

Any ideas anyone?

Oh and a bit of randomness for the day...

Randy (our homeland security dude): Hey, Nicole, do we make a CS1-4.1? (a vest we supposedly make)
Me: I have no idea, but the real question here is, do I smell like kitty litter?

Swear to god..everything smells like kitty litter to me and i dont even own a cat!!!
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Shabu Dog


its one thing to have caffeine, and one thing to have sugar, but both for me = death.

I decided to have a couple of cups of coffee this morning..regular caffinated *I usually drink decaf, and put so much crap in it that its not even coffee anymore* but this morning i needed a serious pick me up, especially after nearly falling asleep at the wheel during my hour commute (scary).

But, to my dismay, Amy brought in brownies, and them being my favorite anytime-snack, I porked out on like..a billion of em so now I'm having a seriously bad caffeine/sugar high, my heart feels like a hummingbird on crack, I feel like there's a billion butterflies in my stomach and theyre all throwing up.

Help! >_
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Shabu Dog



eeeeek! XD

...Anyways..I'm so excited for ComiCon. THANK YOU SO MUCH SCOTT!!! *hugs hugs hugs hugs!!*

I wish the con was tomorrow.

Makes me wonder if I should dress up for this one like I did last time. Gutter, feel like getting into your Silent Bob costume early? ;D *ponders* For comfort sake maybe I'll just dress like I normally do with my ripped cutoffs and sandals...

but you better believe there might be creative henna involved =>

Reagan, be sure to ask your mom if you can use her cellphone so we can hook up. I wanna make sure we all get together at some point....

must bring money for View Askew-ness! *bounce bounce bounce*

Okay time for bed for me!

And Scott, its sage green, not army green dammit! *loves her couch*
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