September 9th, 2004

Shabu Dog


Well that does it. I've just about given up all hope to getting my stupid Berserker drawing in that shapeshifter book. I wrote the woman, not once, but TWICE regarding the pic. First, telling her that I had one in the works, second, giving her the link. I have not gotten a response and its been over 2 and a half weeks since I finished that thing.

She responded to gearpony. She responded to dragoncreator, heck she even responded to frisket17 who only had a sketch of her selkie drawing, but at least she responded stating that it had promise once she finished inking it. All I ask for is a little short e-mail that says "thank you for your submission", or a "no sorry thats not what were looking for" or even a "thank you". Nope. Nada. Nothing.

That really makes me mad. If she's going to deal with artists who are supposed to give /her/ art, she better well respond to their e-mails.

Dagnabbit this makes me bitey, despite my already awful day >=O
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