October 17th, 2004

Shabu Dog

(no subject)

Commissions (not accepting)
-Mariah - Starting Over
-Western Helicopters - thumbnails need to be cleaned up
-Truckladder.com - on hold

Trades (not accepting)
- _graywolf_
- visioncrafter
-poeticdragon - need to e-mail what icons I have 5/15 complete

-huskie666 - Sketching
- spiffystuff
-gearpony - mood icons 6/25 complete

-calzephyr - not printed
-swandog - printed, not shipped
- Jessidear - not shipped
- Bacchus Original
-katarina42 - not shipped

I cant wait to show pics of gearpony's mood icons but I wanna wait until I have all, if not most of them so I can put them on one page instead of uploading them one at a time to DA, cuz I /know/ someone will want to steal them if theyre individual gifs. *glee*

Again, if I'm forgetting anyone, please notify me.