December 10th, 2004

Shabu Dog


I'm awaiting payment from the following people:

Westly - pencil commission (I have been notified its on its way)
Crowe Basalt - conbadge (sketched)
Malaika Wolfcat - conbadge (?)
Frysco - conbadge
Selunca - Christmas ornament
Ruggy - Christmas ornament

If theres anyone I forgot please let me know. I have it all organized on my Excel spreadsheet at home but this is more of a mental note while I'm at work here.

Thanks guys =)
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Shabu Dog

Tutorial question

Im thinking of making a tutorial or two..but I don't know what people would like to know from me, so I've made a poll:

Poll #401056 Tutorials

If I created a tutorial, what would you want to learn from me?

Thanks! =)