February 4th, 2005

Shabu Dog


Firsty, I'd like to say that yes I am EXCEEDINGLY behind on my shipping promises. Much apologies on that. Life happens and all that, but I assure you I haven't forgotten my obligations. Just letting you know

Secondly my PayPal account/primary contact e-mail account has changed!!!

I will no longer be using NicoleSD@aol.com because we are getting rid of AOL...4evah!!! I've had that address for like 10 years anyways (no..serious) so its time for a change.

My new e-mail address is: thornwolf227@gmail.com

Please note, if you send any further e-mail to NicoleSD@aol.com IT WILL NOT GET ANSWERED! ...or bounced back. Whichever.

Thank you muchly

Oh, another thing, due to time constraints and reasons beyond my control I'm going to have to refund a couple commissions. I hate to do this sort of thing especially kind of after the fact but like I said, life has happened and I can only do so much =( Notice you haven't seen any /finished/ art up on this journal lately? Yeah thats cuz I only get maybe 5 minute spurts to do anything anymore and its when I'm waiting in between classes so...no finished art from me ohnoez! *going to cry...bleh..*

Thanks for understanding, and please remember to update your address books.
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