March 18th, 2005



Been thinking a bit about my future regarding commissions. I have a couple I need to finish now but I'm not sure what people really want from me. This is just a poll to get an overall opinion of what people would actually consider buying from me sometime in the future if I were to put an auction up on Furbid. For awhile this will be the only way I'll accept commissions unfortunately since it prevents me from having the dreaded task of saying "no" =( I'm weak.

Thank you!

Poll #457292 Thornwolf Commission Types

If Thorn were to put a commission auction on Furbid, what type of commissions would you be most interested in?

Conbadges - Digital
Character sheets (ladder, the higher up the more detailed/more char turnarounds)
Traditional sketches
Digital sketches (ladder, with or without color)
Traditional detailed pencil renderings
LJ icons

Anything else not mentioned above?

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