April 10th, 2005

Sarge baton

Conbadges again!

Well it looks like I'll have a little bit of free time (in between finishing other projects of course) so I figured I'd go ahead and accept 3 real media conbadge commissions for now for those who are interested.

Please see my previous post for cost, shipping within the US is $1.50, outside the US is $3.00, you have your choice of pencils, inks, and color.

So uh..comment if you're interested =D

*Edit* For reference, here are the three mediums you can choose from, the color being marker and colored pencil. Thank you!


*Edit again*

Ok I'm full up for this round

Wicked Sairah
NYC Coyote

Thanks guys!
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Shabu Dog


Well considering I just took 3 requests today and I completed them all today, I think I can tentatively take three more. I'm trying to not overwhelm myself as I still have a couple other things I need to do, but the money is going to new art supplies so I can complete the few outstanding commissions I have. The other day I was going to paint something with my acrylics and I found they had all turned to rubber XP I had sealed them, but the seals broke from me twisting the cap I think maybe a little too hard..oops!

Not to mention I would like to get some new markers so I have more of a variety to make these conbadges.

So if another three people are interested, please lemme know =D

selunca, I remember you saying you were interested..I'll go ahead and hold a slot for you until I get a confirmation. Thanks =)

*Edit* ok full up for this round if Selunca's still interested

Kahateni Coyote
The Wormwood

That's it for awhile, thanks you guys for being so supportive =) I'll be offering more as time goes by, I just can't take a huge load as I'm sure you're aware.
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