April 16th, 2005

Shabu Dog

Artist Reference

sabarika has put together an enormous page chock full of animal reference photos. Subjects include mostly canines of various breeds (Husky, Great Dane, German Shepherd, Salukis etc), but she has ear/paw/nose and action references that I /know/ a lot of you guys have needed/asked for. Her page also includes rodent and cat references as well.

She has tons of GSD ear/body photos and you /know/ I'll be using those a ton. Thanks Sabs for the help! You're a lifesaver =)

Site located here:

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Artist Reference

I found the motherlode of wing references! This page has hundreds of amputated waterfowl wings and they photograph them from the front /and/ the back. Its very interesting to see not only the different structures of the different species' wings, but the color patterns of the feathers themselves. Definitely useful for those of you who, like me, find wings to be difficult.

Site located here:

Here is the main page of wing photos and they have different categories of bird wings, not just waterfowl:
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Shabu Dog


Updates on progress of conbadges for my own reference as well as customers.

Wicked Sairah - completed, shipment on hold
Katarina - completed, shipment on hold
NYC Coyote - completed, shipping next week
The Wormwood - completed, shipping next week
Kahateni - completed, awaiting payment
Selunca - received description, awaiting payment
Skandoraven - received payment, not started
PhantomSeeker - awaiting payment

If anyone wants some pencil or ink ones right now I'd be more than happy to oblige =)
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