April 18th, 2005


Digital sketches

Hey guys. Thanks so much for your business on the conbadges, I'm loving working on them, they are so much fun =D To those of you who have ordered one from me and I have posted it here, it will be shipped out today, so keep an eye out in your mailboxes!

Anyhoo, I've been getting a couple inquiries as to if I do digital sketches or not. Indeedy I do! I just haven't been offering them lately because of being swamped with other things but my schedule has cleared up quite a bit so, I'm thinking about accepting them again, but yanno, only a little bit at a time just to make sure I don't overwhelm myself =)

To the next 10 people who comment on this journal entry, I will do a digital sketch for them for $10 each (limit 2 per person) with $3 extra for each additional character, up to three characters. Please comment if interested!

Thanks for your interest!

*edit* In case you're curious, they would look something like this:

List so far:
8.cody_frost X2

Additional ones:

After commenting, please e-mail me with your description at thornwolf227@gmail.com. My PayPal address is the same, but I also accept check or money order if need be, please just lemme know =) I'll get started as soon as payment clears. Thanks!

*edit* since I originally said I'll work on them in the order I get them, I think I'll just go ahead and work on them willy nilly cuz sometimes some payments clear sooner than others and I won't want to hold up production. Whew! Thanks you guys you rock!

*Edit again* Thanks guys so much! That's it for now =D I'll do this again another time so if you didn't get in this time, no worries, there will be other opportunities. I just don't wanna get too swamped.
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