April 20th, 2005

Shabu Dog

New payment options! Alternative to PayPal?

So I got this link from klandagi, its a site thats an alternative to PayPal. I signed up =) I read the information and it seems pretty interesting, if anything its worth it just to have in case in the future people will be like "GreenZap only" or "PayPal only", you have an option.

You can get $25 just for pre-registering, if you're interested please go HERE and use "thornwolf" as your promo code.

If they turn out to not be as good as PayPal, they're located in La Jolla, CA so its no struggle for me to go straight to their building and personally kick their asses, but so far so good IMO =)
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Sorry to do this, but I honestly didn't think anyone would sign up. I've been had as well.

According to this thread in xianjaguar's LJ, GreenZap is a scam.

The address of their business leads to a Postal Annex in La Jolla, CA. Since I said I'd personally kick their ass if they weren't legit, it looks like I may just have to go "postal" on their asses =D
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