June 16th, 2005


Selling a credit

Hey guys, I have a totally unusual offer. For AC I had bought 2 plane tickets, but since the other party can't go, I have a $270.00 credit to JetBlue to fly anywhere in the country. Now, there's really nowhere in the country I want to go right now, and I could really use the money, not to mention I'd have to use this ticket within the next year.

Here's the deal:

I am going to sell this JetBlue credit for $270.00. Now, for those of you who know JetBlue, that is enough for a whole plane ticket (hell, it /was/ a whole plane ticket round trip from California to New York).

So is anyone interested in buying this credit from me? It's a code number I would give you in an e-mail once payment has cleared. You just turn that in at the time of purchase and either pay the difference of your flight (if it happens to be more) or it may in in fact be less and you'll have a couple bucks to use another time.

Please comment here if you're interested =)
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Shabu Dog

Huge thanks!

A big huge thank you and a hug goes out to loiosh_de_talto for buying my JetBlue credit. I will be e-mailing you the code number tomorrow as it is in my desk at work (honestly didn't expect such a quick response from folks!). Thank you and safe travels!
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