July 18th, 2005


Status Report

Please let me know if I am forgetting anyone, I most likely am just because I'm laying everything out ATM, but I wanna get everything straight:


-kliefox - Sketching
-akelavincent - Payment received
-18x24 - Payment received

Digital Sketches
-cody_frost (2 sketches) - one sketch completed
-theregaltigress - Completed
-katarina42 - Completed

-westly - completed
-timberwolf4u - sketching/working out details
-vantid - you need to tell me what char you want me to draw

-Yerf SeSa for windwalker - need to finish coloring (dammit!)
-Buffalo Soldier
-kilojara - badge (need to send her my info)
-the_wormwood - haven't started
-wicked_sairah - my half completed, waiting for photos of her half
-visioncrafter - Need info of what you want =)

Things to be shipped
-wicked_sairah - badge and sketch
-katarina42 - badge and ornament
-chlorophyta - badge (need mailing address)
-frisket17 - badge (need mailing address)
-klandagi - badge
-crimson_fox - Chester print
-reaperfox - Pony (payment received)
-lin_eek - Pony (payment received)

Payment pending
-frisket17 - pony
-katanawolf - pony
-hollyannvix - pony
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