August 14th, 2005

Shabu Dog

Commission List

-18x24 - Completed
-kliefox - Sketching
-undeadonion - Not Started

-kylet - Sketch, started
-tugrik - Completed Need to send large file (Hey Tugrik, you sent me extra $, does that mean you want me to send you prints? Please get back to me)
-vantid - Upgraded payment, descriptions received, not started
-klandagi - Completed

-timberwolf4u - Sent revised sketch, awaiting approval/changes

If you have commissioned me, that is, no trades, and you are not on this list, please comment and I'll add you. =)
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I've been doing some thinking, and I know a lot of you guys like my sketches a lot, but if I were to say, compile a bunch of my favorite sketches from my sketchbooks, including stuff I haven't posted here online, would anyone be interested in purchasing that at a convention were I to have a table? I'd say the price range would be no more than $15 per booklet, maybe even less depending on how much I have to fill it with, but since its black and white it wouldn't be a problem printing them.

Admittedly yes I got the idea from kyoht's It Came From The Sketchbook, but since I rarely finish anything I start anyways, that's the majority of what I have.

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