August 30th, 2005

Sarge baton


I finished the last of my special offer digital sketches from awhile ago. Sorry kylet for the wait, I hope you like it =)

He wanted something OOC for Sarge, and well...he got it =) He's so awkward around the ladies ;)

Oh yeah and one more thing, I don't seem to have any kind of "artistic" icon or anything and some of you have been so nice to give me such wonderful gift art (like airukitsu who drew me a bunch of little thorn pics I added to my icons today) but if anyone out there would like to take a crack at making me some kind of "artistic" LJ icon I would be most appreciated. Unfortunately due to time constraints I don't think I could repay the favor, but I'd publically thank you and be all "omg yay" and love you forever. *puppy eyes*

Okay I'm just being pathetic ;)
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Dear people of the internet:

Stop using that god forsaken premade grass brush in Photoshop, or if you MUST use it, please notice that its all going in ONE wind swept direction so some altering to your image or the brush itself may be needed.


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