September 13th, 2005


Trade and commission status

For the_wormwood

For maskedoffender

-Buffalo Soldier - sketching
-maskedoffender -completed
-the_wormwood - completed
-wa_lawdawg - not started
-kilojara - Sketching
-visioncrafter - Completed
-_graywolf_ - not started
-autumn_sunrise - not started

Commissions (paid)
-kilojara - sketching
-rosequoll - not started
-undeadonion - completed
-calzephyr77 - sketching
-vantid - sketching
-bloodhoundomega - completed
-kcravenyote - paid, 2 character digital ink, description received
-swawnhawk - paid - conbadge
-jessmacphisto - pencil sketch (to be mailed), digital inking - paid

To the folks on the waiting list - I can currently take on one more commission at this time so the first person who is already on the waiting list who comments and sends payment will get bumped up. Please comment before sending payment though so you know if you are in fact the first one to comment =D Thanks!

Wait List
-uponravenwing - not specified - not paid
-cabbitwocky - digital sketch - not paid
-tania - lj icon - not paid
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