November 10th, 2005

Sarge - Northwolf

More commissions completed

LJ Icon for "Star" of her female liver colored German Shepherd character. What's really awesome about her char is that not only is she the same coloration as Sarge, but she has similar markings, but not similar enough to be exact, so they could be like..siblings or something. I love it! XD I may just have to play with that idea, with her permission of course. Btw its purely coincidental, both Sarge and Star have natural GSD markings so it was bound to happen.

Round two for Rackety Raccoon's character design

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$10 Sketch Commissions!

Its that time again, time for $10 digital sketch commissions =) Now normally a digital sketch is $20 + but I will do one character for $10, and every additional character up to 4 chars for $5 per. Now please note, these will not in any way interfere with my current commissions. Quite the contrary actually, I like doing something smaller and quicker like these or LJ icons in between larger more time consuming commissions because it gives me a sense of accomplishment. I'm only going to take a couple at a time for a limited time, so if you are interested please comment here and then e-mail me at

To see what you'd be getting for your $10, please see this example:

Open spots:

2.camelai - paid
3.jessmacphisto - paid
4.loriana - paid
5.hyenapaws - paid
6.katarina42 - paid
8.upon_raven_wing - paid
*edit* spots filled for now! thanks guys, please e-mail me with your descriptions and payment preference =)