December 2nd, 2005

One of us!

Because I don't talk enough in this journal

Quirks I have

Whenever I put down a glass of whatever I'm drinking, I check the palm of my hand, /especially/ if there's condensation on it.
I'm not looking for anything particular I just always check

I never like to drink out of the same glass. If I'm at a restaurant or at a friends house I don't wig out nearly as much but if I'm at home
if I get a new drink I get a new glass. This is mainly due to the thought that sometime between me finishing the last cup of whateverI drank and the new one, bacteria has had time to grow in whatever remaining droplets that were in it, so I get a new cup. This is why I keep a lot of those red and white beer cups around so I don't have to do so many dishes

I periodically tap my right butt cheek in a wallet checking motion cuz thats where I carry my wallet,
but I sometimes do it way too often even if I'm wearing pajama pants with no back pockets

I'm really creeped out by anything going near/touching my eyeball. Ever since I saw "Fire In The Sky" when I was little I've
seriously freaked out so its kind of hard for me to put on eyemakeup or get a makeover at a shopping mall.

I don't like swimming in water that has sunken or otherwise submerged man made machinery like airplanes or ships or even skittering pool filter.
It freaks me the hell out. For example, if you tossed me in the water at Disneyland's submarine ride I would probably pass out from terror of all
the friendly little sea monsters and plastic sharks surrounding me.

I always have to sleep with something covering me, even if its only a sheet and even if its really hot.

Whenever I think of an unpleasant thought or embarrassing thought when I'm alone, I count backwards from ten very loud.

I sometimes move my butt cheek muscles to the tune of music. I've tried hard over the years to stifle this though so I
don't do it at inappropriate times.

I give personalities to numbers/colors/inanimate objects. For example my keys are real bitches and don't even get me started
on the number 9. Numbers, letters and words also have assigned colors to me, but that's something else entirely.

When I was younger if my hand brushed up against something I had to touch that object with every finger of mine before
I could continue on. Thank god I got over /that/.

What quirks do you guys have?
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