December 5th, 2005

Shabu Dog

Music Post

This one is really heavy on the Rock and the Big Band, but I strongly encourage you guys to try something new if the stuff here isn't your typical musical taste.

Classic Rock/Soundtracks of that genre

Chicago - Hard to Say I'm Sorry - For some reason this song reminds me of that show Growing Pains. Now that I think of it, I think I may download that themesong.

BJ Thomas and Dusty Springfield - As long as we've got each other (aka the 'Growing Pains' theme song) - There. You got it.

Sweet - Ballroom Blitz - Just to shake things up a bit. You'll remember this one from Wayne's World as one of the songs Casandra sang. Oh and also I think a commercial or two.

Rocky Horror Picture Show - Timewarp - I have such a girl boner for Tim Curry's transvestite ass

Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train - Yeah I know most of you probably have this one...but if you don't now you can pretend you did and say you have it now.

Chevelle - The Red - Perfect for angsting if you're not into Linkin Park

Big Band and other classics

Raymond Scott - Powerhouse - Now, big thanks to ruggels for giving me the name of the guy who made these, but these tunes have always been favorites of mine, especially since I'm such an avid old school Looney Tunes Fan. The following music you will most DEFINITELY recognize if you watch Warner Brothers cartoons from the 40's/50's. bigbluefox, I'm looking at you. This particular one is typically played when a character was in some sort of assembly line/factory, or getting shoved into a bottle/can in some kind of processing plant.

Raymond Scott - The Toy Trumpet - This one was incorperated into a song and dance number in a Shirley Temple movie. It also found its way onto my Christmas compilation CD my mom bought for some reason.

Peggy Lee - You Give Me Fever - This song is pure sex. That's the best way to describe it.

Peggy Lee - Why Don't You Do Right? - Now this song means a whole helluva lot to me. My grandpa and I used to sing this to each other when I was little. He used to quiz me on who sang it, as well as other celebrities and pop culture references from his time period. He is the reason I know who folks like Jimmy Durante, W.C. Fields and Bing Crosby are, and also why I got most of the jokes in Bugs Bunny cartoons whereas my friends just stared blankly ;) Hoping I share the love with this one.

Glenn Miller - In The Mood - Everyone should have this one, its one of the most popular big band/swing songs out there and you'll know it when you hear it if you don't recognize the name.

Louis Armstrong - A Kiss To Build A Dream On -one of my absolute faves. Definitely one of the best romantic songs ever, and silber will know all about this one since it plays in my all time favorite chick flick Sleepless In Seattle (which I maaaaay just bring with me to Germany just to torment him with, hee hee)


Dream Academy - Life In A Northern Town - This song pops up in the oddest of places. The most recent being on an episode of King of the Hill where Buckley's ghost is spotted jumping on their trampoline. It was a track on one of those New Age Pure Moods CD's, but I don't know whats so New Age about it. Its just sappy sounding.
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Shabu Dog

Music Post

Because the last one was so heavy in certain areas I decided to make up for it with a more mainstream post.


VNV Nation - Paint It Black - VNV's take on the Rolling Stones hit.

Laibach - Achtung - More stompy goodness. A lot more vocals in this one than the last one. Fortunately for me I don't yet know what they are saying so its not ruined for me :D

Apoptyma Berzerk - Eclipse - Got this one from stahlhelm

Bruderschaft - Forever - Got this one from ruggels, has some really nice beats, definitely something you could do some hardcore dancing to.

Gigi D'Agostino - The Riddle - Mine and silber's song *awwweeez*. To be honest Im not sure if I like this or the original better. I'll have to post the original and get some opinions.


Weezer - My Name Is Jonas - One of my favorite Weezer songs ever really.


Bravery - Honest Mistake - I don't quite know what to call this genre, my best guess would be funk for the 2000's but I'm not certain. It has a really awesome beat that is as appealing as Franz Ferdinand (The band, not this Austrian guy. I doubt he would be very musical)

Quad City DJ's - Come on and ride it (The Train) - "Come on ride the train...and ride it Woo Woo!" This is definitely one of my guilty pleasure songs.


Cornershop - Brimful of Asha - This is another one of those songs that people have heard but don't really think about it. I love obscure songs, they always come back to haunt you, especially in thornwolf posts. The best part of this song is the "Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow" part XD

Howard Jones - Things Can Only Get Better - Its of my opinion that everyone has heard this song and just hasn't realized who or what it was. The most commonly remembered part is the "and do you feel scared I dooo..." part.
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