December 14th, 2005


Notice - Regarding Digital sketches.

Hey there, this is just an announcement to say that I'm sorry but I can't complete the rest of my digital sketches before Christmas mostly because I'm leaving for Germany in a week for two weeks and am trying to cram in some time working on my pieces for the FC art show.

If this is a /serious omg major/ problem with someone, please let me know and I will try to accommodate you if you need the pic by Christmas, but so far no one has set any deadlines at me. I will continue to work on them at my own pace, but I'm just trying to cover my bases here. I most likely won't be accepting any more until after I get back mostly just because I said I wanted to finish the ones I had, I only have about 10 more max so shouldn't be an issue. <3 you guys!

But yeah, I'm just one woman XD Thankfully 9_9 I don't think the world could handle more of me >:)
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