December 30th, 2005


Badge commishes and shipping cost information

Hey guys, I know con season is coming up and I know I usually offer badge commissions before major cons, but unfortunately due to time constraints and the time of my Germany trip Im only able to offer a couple badge commissions that can be done in time for FC. I still have other commissions I need to complete as well as some stuff for the FC art show, so this is why im not going to be taking many. I only have 2 more slots available so if youre interested in a badge, please comment here and then e-mail me at If by some odd reason I get more commissions done and get some other stuff done with enough time to do more, I will take on more, and if you wish to save on shipping (shipping is $1.50) then I can just deliver it to you at FC, Ill give you my cell phone number. That work?

Badges are $35 for full color and come with a laminated cover. Shipping is $1.50, but again,if you dont mind me just delivering it to you at FC you dont have to pay shipping.

Heres the slots available:
1. justblieve
2. casidhe
3. kliefox

Comment if interested!

Also, another note regarding shipping costs. It has come to my attention that shipping costs will be going up for larger packages and priority mail, so in order to accomidate this increase, Im going to have to increase my shipping costs to make up for this. Right now my prices are as such:

-Badges and flat photo mailers: $1.50
-International: $3.00

My prices will be changing to the following:

-Badges and other things shipped in a regular envelope: $1.50
-Photo mailer items within the US $3.00
-International: $5.00

So really its not much of a change, I may have to change them to slightly more if it turns out Im losing money on it but its doubtful. But please be advised these prices only affect orders occurring after 2006. For example, all orders that have been paid for only pay for this shipping they originally paid for, and these badges have the same shipping cost anyways so no changes there.
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Romans Romans Romans Romans

Yesterday silber and I went sightseeing, our first stop was an old Roman fortress that is about 1,800+  years old that had since been reconstructed and turned into a museum.

Omg I have no nose!

The outside wall that was built to keep Germanic tribes out since obviously fighting them back didn't work out as well as planned.

The front gate

Icicles on the building

Standing in the courtyard was definitely a magical experience. With the dusty snow falling from overhead and no sounds going on the background you almost felt as if you had been transported back in time, and we half expected to see Roman soldiers in their winter wear walk past. The feeling in this place was just beyond powerful, mere pictures dont do it justice at all.

Me near one of the towers you can see from the front, only this time from the inside

Inside the buildings they had artifacts that they had found on the site, here is a genuine Roman helmet, which of course I had to get several ref photos of.

Romans Romans Romans Romans Romans Romans Thornwolf Thornwolf!

This is how the fortress was intended to look way back in the day, most roman buildings are this white and red color.

More photos later when I edit the ones of the castle we went to!