January 6th, 2006

Shabu Dog


silber and I did a collab on a new character of his we developed.

"Elsa" 9"X12" Ink on Bristol

He helped me with the general pose on this one, uniform refs, and some finishing touches on the inking.

If something like this is allowed in the general panel at FC it will be available for sale.

This was based on his original drawing, which we decided to jazz up a bit with some shading and a collar (done by me) and a chair added (done by him), the rest of the drawing is completely his though. Here's his pic:

It was so fun doing a collab with him, hopefully there will be more in the future. I can almost promise you more pics of Elsa from the both of us :D
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Shabu Dog

Castle pictures OMG!

Sorry this took me so long to upload, Im actually leaving tomorrow but I hate editing photos >=E  Phil took me to a castle ruin :D This was one of the older castles around the area, which is why he took me to this, when I come out in summer were going to go to some in tact ones when driving conditions are better, but this one is incredibly awesome, even if it was blown up by the French in the 18th century. *sadfats!*

First the obligatory pointy church pic:

Storming the castle gates!

I totally thought of one of stahlhelm's drawings with this pic

The abominable snow beast BLARGH! The snow was actually this high, but since it was dry snow, my jeans didnt get wet. YEY!

Obviously the snow beast's mating call worked

These icicles freaked me out pretty bad, but fortunately theres no earthquakes in Germany or avalanche zones in the nearby area, so we didnt have to relive that scene from Balto at all *whew*

Omnomnom! My tongue actually got stuck :C

The more ruin-y part of the ruins

LOLZ hay guy lets climb this big fucking tall tower!


And Im spent...