April 7th, 2006

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King's Mercy Prints finally available!

So, yeah I know it's been awhile but I finally have some 8.5"X11" prints made of "The King's Mercy" available for $8 each, with shipping $3 within the US, and $5 international.

I currently only have 10 made that are ready to ship out, but I'm going to have to be making more for CaliFur anyways, so if you would like one, please comment here and e-mail me =) thornwolf227@gmail.com

Also because there was a glitch in the printing, I have some "irregular" sized prints available for $2. The image is slightly cropped on the left hand side (so, missing part of the lion's ear) and the shipping on those is only $1.50 if you're interested. Hey, if I can get rid of them I can get rid of them, otherwise they're just going in the trash, but the color quality is just as good as the full size ones and the "meat" of the image is still in tact.

Contact me if you're interested!

Thorn Doodles 2: Electric Boogaloo

Hey guys, Thorn Doodles 2 is now available for pre order :D The price is stil just $15 bucks, and this time a larger portion of the sketches have not been posted on the internet. Also, this particular edition has (omgomgomg) nudity, hence the PG-13 rating. Nothing more than what you would expect from me really though =)

Unfortunately due to rising shipping costs I've also had to raise my shipping prices, so within the US shipping is $3.00 and outside the US shipping is $5.00, but also please bear in mind that these booklets will also be for sale at CaliFur and EuroFurence.

If you would like one please write me at thornwolf227@gmail.com

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Too amazing to not post on LiveJournal

Ok this was too crazy /not/ to post on LJ, plus I got a request from ruggels and his friend Francis.

The other day I was over at ruggels' house and the place was completely empty because Scott is moving and Francis and I were helping Scott with some final things and thinking about going out to dinner. We're standing around in the empty apartment and we hear loud talking coming from the neighbors next door. Nothing unusual, since before when I stay at Scott's house you can hear almost everything the neighbors say, you can smell what they cook, even smell when they're smoking the wacky tobaccy. But as we were talking we kept feeling heckled by the unusually loud voices and realized what we were hearing...
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