April 26th, 2006

Innocent - Halo


My birthday is coming up. o_O

Yes. I love to shamelessly plug my own birthday, how pathetic is that.

On the 14th of May I'll be legally able to drink! Not that that's stopped me before but...yanno. Maybe I'll have a cider or a Mai Tai. *shrugs* Considering my friends are either A: underage, B: don't drink or C: working the night of my birthday, it might be hard for me to get a midnight drink, also because apparently the pub I had /wanted/ to go to closes early on weeknights. LAME!

*cough* I like "Copic sketch" markers.

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Shabu Dog


So due to recent events, danielcoon aka Rackety sent me a mail saying that I'm free to totally go nuts and draw his character in any pervy fetish I want just saying that he knows I'm not a fetishist and he supports me and I shouldn't let people drag me down.

Well...heh. A couple days ago I took him up on the offer, serious or not >:D And figured now's as good as a time as any to post it, because I also wanna say a huge pervy fattyfetishy THANK YOU to him for my birthday present which was more than generous and really made me happy :>

Here ya go, Rackety ;D

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