May 8th, 2006

One of us!


I'm back from Califur! I had a blast, despite the fact that I barely left my table for more than a few minutes. I surprisingly didn't make many purchases this year, as there wasn't much that interested me, with the exception of getting a Niko badge from Terrie Smith. I got a few badge trades as well so I will be scanning the lot of them when I can.

Last minute-like, gearpony decided to sell her half of the dealers table to vantid so Vannie and I were selling together and I must say we make a pretty good team. Although Vannie wasn't set up to do conbadges, she was able to draw and ink them and I colored them. The copic markers that danielcoon got me arrived an hour before I had to leave for the con so I was a happy puppy :D

I showed Michele Light my "Ultimate Bear Guide" book that Vannie got me for Christmas because I heard she liked bears, and we did a sketch trade which I will have to scan, along with the piccy that Skamp drew for me in my book. Yey :D Thank you both!

I harassed xianjaguar a little bit, I feel bad for putting the pressure on you for a badge, bud XD I was half kidding! I do love your badges though. I personally think she did the best badges in the whole con. Theyre so colorful!

Went out to dinner with some awesome folks, first Indian food where the waiters there didn't seem to really want us there (they wouldn't give me my Nan bread!), then sushi which was positively orgasmic, I will definitely do that place again, then Claim Jumper where I think I ate just about everything and totally molested timberwolf4u's meat :9 *that sounds so wrong*.

Granted, I was really stressed out this con for some reason, but I still did have fun, especially once I got in "the zone" with drawing where I felt like I was on a roll. I didn't even suffer burnout yet. Even now I wan't to draw, so hey, good things!

There were a few minor things that happened at the con that were least desireable but for the sake of not sounding negative I'll put them behind a cut. Collapse )
But all in all it was good, shout outs to gearpony resilientspider vantid panth, kilojara, westly_roanoke, xianjaguar, kylet, martes, kigeni, timberwolf4u, crimson_fox, haskiwolf, doodlesthegreat, sfinder, mlight, skadjer, kishorwolf, vulpesrex,michelelight and a whole mess of people I met, saw, and already knew but my brain is totally fried right now XD

I'll get to scanning those badges :>
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