July 31st, 2006

Shabu Dog

Photo Post - Heidelberg

So I remember someone asking about Heidelberg...well we just had to go there then.

I've grown very fond of this kind of jam made of berries called Heidelbeeren, and by the looks of it I thought it was a blueberry but I found out later that its actually a Huckleberry. Heidelberg is short for Heidelbeerenberg which means Huckleberry Mountain. In light of this revelation, I guess Heidelbeeren Hound doesnt have as much of a ring to it as Hanna Barbara may have wanted ;)

But anyways, Heidelberg is where Heidelberg University is, which is Germany's oldest University which was founded in 1386. The town itself was founded sometime in the 1100's.

Anyhoo, photos!

The city is riddled with these swanky fraternity houses. Man...they must have money.
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More under the cut!
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More to come! This is only a small chunk of one day =)
Art Dump

Art - Personal

I need a few days to just draw for myself, its really helping replenish my creativity.

So! I started an art card. Its just the black and white lineart for now cuz im too scared to color it just yet D: I tend to ruin things by coloring them. Ohnoez!

Oh and uh...cut for fish tits. You'll see what I mean D:
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This is close to original size btw. Its a trading card. Hurrrrrr no im not superfast I'm just working small! 8D
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