September 3rd, 2006

Niko painty happy arty


I'm gonna have to up my price on icons to $15, simply just to get my times worth, but no higher than that. =/ I'm still available to do these if anyone wants em, just email me, And no don't worry theyre not taking time away from my commissions. It's more like a "break" when I do these.

for kilojara
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for miss_ricadonna
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I emailed these to you guys because for some reason photobucket isn't letting folks save the icons. Dunno why D:

And one for huskie666 because I've owed her one for awhile (trade)

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*edit edit*
And a new disgusted icon for myself because I don't have one aside from the Bluntman one.

Niko Disgusted


Does drawing animal people make me less of an artist?

Are my strokes less skillfull because they're used to draw an animal?

I'm sick and fucking tired of posting to the do community and having people not comment on my art but instead comment on how "disturbing" a raving kangaroo is or my furry subject matter is cluttering up their friends page. The stuff I post there isn't even furry! The most anthro stuff I've posted there WAS the kangaroo, then after that my ACEO cards and these icons.


Yeah I don't rant publically often but I had to do it this time.


And to further irritate me today, its become apparent that someone went through my ENTIRE photobucket account and reported a shitload of images just to get my goat.

Whoever you are, you have way too much time on your hands.
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