September 5th, 2006

Shabu Dog


If you've been wondering about the slew of personal art the past couple days, this is why.

Phil and I are both sick D:

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Personal art makes me feel a lot less...well, shitty is to put it lightly, cuz I don't have to think about it. least I have someone to cuddle up under a blanket and schlorp bad tasting soup with. But he hogs the tissues :C

Now if you excuse me, my nose is melting and I need to go cork it up.


Aw hell it didn't work.

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21 years ago on this day, a legend was born. And that

Represented here as our beloved pinata.

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Now go forth and send her birthday wishes or the wrath of the mule may smite thee from this world!

;D Love ya, Guts. Please tell me your present arrived? The shipment receipt said it arrived on August 22nd D:
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