September 15th, 2006

Innocent - Halo

Get out of your 1950's fantasy...

This is sort of commentary on the contest silber is doing to draw a point in his character Elsa's biography. Notice how there's nothing in there about post-war Elsa? Yeeeeeaaaah we haven't thought that far ahead yet, so its best for the contestants to stick to the biography we /do/ have written up, especially for judging purposes ;D Buuuut I couldn't resist.

Some how this seems so OOC but yet so fitting..

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The contest is still going on and the top three winners get Silber art :D whee!

For details please go here:
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Niko Whine

Well this blows

I find it ironic that I draw a plane crash and once I start to like it Photoshop crashes. The only thing I managed to salvage was a screenshot of the pic with photoshop#s windows still in it because they wouldn't move :C

Ah well. I figured I'd post it here anyways cuz I think I'm gonna cry.

I bring you, Sam A. Harris: Flying Ace.

Collapse )

I can probably still fix it but right now I'm a wibbling pile of sad. And no this is the one time I was a dumbass and didn't save ;P
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