September 26th, 2006

Gladiator - PWNAGE!


Man. I should get paid to scan these things. I /hate/ scanning...but ah well. For yoooooou! :D

So Phil had this book on greek legends and it had some pretty cool illustrations, so it inspired me to draw some greek themed illustrations on my own. All of em are without reference so no doubt theres like..errors up the wazoo but heh, I still liked em =)

Fair warning, there's nipples under the cut but theyre classical nipples. ;P

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I can never get the proportions on centaurs right :C

More under the cut!
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I don't have my Trojan icon anymore so Maximus pwnage will have to do.


So believe it or not, yes, I do know how to make delicious German things now, and I figured I'd share it with you.

Really awesome delicious German potato salad

Onions (white or gold)
cubed bacon or ham (small)
Maggi sauce (optional), the bottle looks like this and is often found next to the soysauce in most grocery stores:

-Boil potatoes, then slice them up into small pieces and place in a large bowl.
-Cube up onions and bacon/ham and fry then both together in a pan
-Put onions/bacon into bowl with potatoes
-add lots of oil so that all the potatoes are coated but don't let it get "soupy"
-Add a dash of vinegar, salt, pepper, maggi to taste
-mix in parsley and chives
-Enjoy hot or cold!

Frikadellen Niko Style

Now the first time I've heard of frikadellen (frikadeller) was when resilientspider (who happens to be Danish) brought some over to my mom's house to try. She also gave me her recipe for them and I tried them out. Phil also has his own recipe for them, but after some experimenting in the kitchen I've made my own adaptation. They're basically mini meatloaf patties, so if you've made meatloaf before, a lot of this will make sense.

-1lb pork or pork/beef combo
-1 egg (for every lb of pork, use another egg in case you want to make more)
-1 clove of garlic (or two if you prefer..i just keep adding garlic as I go)
-Maggi sauce (optional)
-Salt and Pepper

(You'll find that chives, parsley and onions are like..the staple of german cooking it seems)

-Mix pork, egg, chopped onions, garlic, about half a cup of milk, a cup of breadcrumbs, parsley, chives, salt, pepper, and a couple dashes of maggi sauce into a big bowl. Mix with your hands. The texture should not be too thick but it shouldn't be too liquidy or sticky either. If its too liquidy, add more breadcrumbs, if its too thick, add more milk. Keep adding these 2 things until the texture is like if the meat were to be easily spread on toast and when scooped with a spoon it will stick there a bit before "blorting off" as res says. Basically a little thinner than your average meatloaf.
-Heat up pan and put oil in it for frying
-roll up pork mixture into balls then pound flat with your palms to form patties. Make sure theyre not too thick, so they cook all the way through
-Fry in the pan, both sides, until theyre cooked all the way through
-Eat with potato salad :D

I haven't made it yet myself but its a lot easier than I thought it would be.

-Pork filets (basically anything thats made of pork and also looks pretty flat. Turkey and chicken work too if you don't like pork)
-Salt and Pepper

First mix the sauce for dipping the pork filet in. Take egg yolks, not the white, mix in salt, pepper, paprika and stir.
-Take filets and dip them into this sauce mixture coating both sides.
-Then dip the filets into the breadcrumbs, coating both sides.
-Fry them in oil on the pan

Make any kind of sauce you wish to that. Curry ketchup, ketchup, mustard, make your own mushroom creamsauce (id post a recipe here but we usually just make it up as we go). But thats basically how to do it.

Niko's famous awesome delicious rumproast
Ok this isn't specifically German but its one of my specialties I figured I'd include anyways.
This is the thing that Phil keeps raving about in his LJ whenever I come to visit. I've made it for other folks before as well.

-One good sized rump roast or any other kind of giant tender hunk of meat
-Garlic cloves (lots)
-Butter (if you can find butter with herbs in it, the better)
-Maggi sauce (or even soy sauce, both work, but admittedly soysauce is not the same)
-powdered beef bullion

-Take the meat and stab the crap out of it. Well actually, stab your knife, twist it so it creates a hole, and drop in half a garlic clove into that hole, smoosh the meat back over it so it closes. Repeat this many times so you have lots of cloves of garlic evenly distributed throughout the roast.
-coat it in Maggi sauce top bottom front back sides, everywhere.
-Coat it in the powdered beef bullion. Basically rub it on with your hands so its all over. Not too thick a layer, just enough so its slightly gritty to the touch
-Put pepper all over the whole thing, a little, a lot, depends on how you like it.
-Slice off lots of little pads of butter and lay them all over the top of the roast. The whole top of the roast should have butter on the whole top surface just resting on it (i didnt say this was healthy)

Heat your oven to about 400 degrees F, 200 degrees C works too for Europeans.

Cook in a baking pan. 15 minutes leaves it rare but warm in the middle. Keep in longer if you wish it to be more done.

Eat with garlic mashed potatoes (Potatoes, milk, garlic, butter...smoosh. The end)

...As soon as I can get a straight answer as to the measurement conversions on the German pancakes (ie: a "knifetip" is not a unit of measurement!) I'll post it here, unless someone else has a recipe, we'd like to try it =)


So i tried making pancakes again.

Theyre black, liquidy on the inside, and taste like cigarettes.

I bet these are also the only pancakes in the world with a rind harder than a piece of french bread.

I fail :C

*eats them anyway*

*Edit* NorthWolf: Thorn your pancakes taste like Mick Jagger's hair.

Yep. Yep that sums it up nicely.
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Sometimes I just like to paint things just cuz. I'll never finish it, I just felt like doing that little part of it.

Under the cuz cuz it has eeeeebil nipplez

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Forgot to add...this was totally me last night. *flies at phil* CLEAN THE KITCHEN! *shriek!*
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New Community

So I've been reading bunches, but I know myself and I know I will never read some of these books again, so I wanted to put my unwanted books to good use. Then I figured, maybe some folks might like to do the same.

And so I created shelf2shelf, a community dedicated to recycling unwanted books.

Please check out the user info as it pretty much says all the specifics. Suggestions and comments welcome..oh and members are most decidedly welcome *beam* =)