October 4th, 2006

Shabu Dog

Art and a PSA

Ok. I have art for rainbow_roo, but before that I'd like to warn you all that yes, it is a uniform pic, and yes, it has "certain overtones" but please note that it is a Luftwaffe uniform, which is nothing more than the German airforce, and I've left out certain...symbols that are illegal in certain countries because I personally feel it detracts. Their uniforms look almost exactly the same today as they did back then. I should know, I have one right here and I'm looking at it (its not mine its one of Phil's friends', hes in the airforce).

That said, I'm still putting this under a cut because I'm aware folks get offended by this sorta thing but if any of you even think about flaming me for this, consider what I've just said, and also, no ones stopping you from paying me to draw something else.

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Shabu Dog


FA account updated *ker-wink*

Aaaand my paid account on LJ expired so I don't have any of my "oh so appropriate" icons to couple with this announcement. *weep* :C