October 16th, 2006

Welcome to California


Well Im in Cali. Big thanks again to hartssong for letting me stay with her in Ohio and keeping me from getting fannysmacked by teenagers :D

I could have sworn I had more to say but I guess I don't. No art yet. Sorry D:
PWNED - self


Emergency icon commissions, stuff I can do quickly, who wants one? $15 each, comment here if interested then please email me at thornwolf227@gmail.com

1. Rika
2. silverhuskey
3. chlorophyta
4. silverfoxwolf
5. bloodhoundomega

Still working on other commissions, I just really really really need to keep the fires burning so I dont run myself into the ground D:
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Oh Noez!

Is it cheating?

Ok discussion time:

Is it cheating to use the brightness/contrast, color balance or levels tools on a finished piece of digital work? Im talking strictly digital here. While its nice for presentation purposes to fiddle with contrast and stuff on real media work, I feel its dishonest presentation to make it not look as close as possible to the original, so I just alter it enough to get the scan to look like the original. BUT on digital art I find that when im done I really need to tweak some settings cuz I don't always get things as light or dark as I want or the right hue I want, or sometimes I like to, when im done, see what other colors look like and sometimes I like them better.

But is it cheating? The way I see it, the tools are there for me to use, but I can't help but feel a little guilty. Im wondering if I should post before and after pics of something digital I did so you can see the difference, theres really not much of one, but its noticeable if you look at it.

*edit* heres a before and after of an icon I did for bloodhoundomega (Bloodi the final is in your email inbox)
I had attempted brighter colors as you can see but they just didn't turn out exactly as I wanted so I upped the contrast and a little of the color balance. Not that huge of a difference but noticeable. I mostly do this when something doesn't turn out exactly as planned, I still have a hard time seeing colors in the context of color theory, i try to make them brighter but they end up muted because of the colors i put them next to. Oddly doing this makes me go "oooooooh" and I apply what I found out to the next project and so on instead of just saying "well I can just shit something out and use tools on it later". XD

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