October 19th, 2006



Hey guys, I thought I'd let you know of a couple of auctions 2 of my really good friends are putting on.

First and foremost is from pinkpuppybelly but you might know her as Bloodhound or K2. She's a regular on the VCL and recently got a Fur Affinity gallery, check her out! her username there is "bloodhound". Well shes offering a sketchbook commission, so nows your chance to have sketches of all ratings from the awesome Bloodhound, and theres only 1 day left, so if you like what you see, grab it now while you can!

Second is another ACEO card from vantid, and as you know she puts a great deal of detail into even these tiny masterpieces. Check out her latest, its definitely one of my favorites.


Thanks for looking!

I need a pimp icon.

*edit* Thanks wolfscape for the icon! Credited you in my userpics, you seriously rock ;D
Shabu Dog

Dog Question!

Hey dog folks and dog enthusiasts.

So...how do you keep a 20 lb dog from being interested in a very bold cat?

My dog didn't used to be interested in cats but suddenly she is, and we really need her to get along with Gutter's cat for her to be able to stay with me. We haven't tried it out yet because we also need to get a kiddie gate with a cat door (do they make those??) to keep the dog out of the cats food cuz she'll hoompth that real fast.

She won't hurt the cat. At most she'll just terrorize it by chasing it. So basically, what are some effective ways to get her to leave the cat alone? I considered just letting her go and if the cat scratches her she'll learn but I still am nervous about doing that because well..this cat can be pretty rough.

Also any good alternatives to keeping the dog out of the cat food aside from kiddie gates would be wonderful.