November 2nd, 2006

Shabu Dog

FA and Pedophilia

Attention everyone:

If you love FA like I do and hate pedophilia (again, like I do) please see this thread:

Dragoneer has made a poll for us to all vote "yes" or "no" on allowing the kind of artwork thats caused so much drama lately. You'll have to register to the forums to vote, but please, if you have any opinion on this whatsoever whichever it might be, go vote. I think this was a very fair solution and I'm curious for the results.

*edit* Also I'd like to point out that there's ANOTHER poll going on on xianjaguar's journal that the FA mods /will/ be looking at the results to so if you could go vote in that if you feel so inclined it would also help as its slightly more in depth.