April 1st, 2007

Niko Whine

Pet Food Recall

I work in a pet store, however I will not say which one. There is a massive pet food recall going on and I asked my boss if I could alert people on my livejournal as to which brands have been affected. I was told that legally as a (pet store) representative I may ONLY list the brands, not the types/flavors because of the high media alert right now. You will have to call your local pet store or vet for that, but the list has been updated. List under the cut got from work and various other public online sources, my store does not carry all of these but for your benefit I've included others:
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Beer glug glug

Slight adjustment

Now, I've always loved goats. Well, I could say that about a lot of animals, really, but goats have always fascinated me quite a bit. And remember when I was redesigning Niko I said it was still kind of a "trial" change and that knowing me I'd probably change it around again to my liking in a year or so? Weeeeell..don't hate me!

Going up to Placerville this time really confirmed my love of goats and I spent a great portion of the day playing with smokepaw's goats and sheep. In fact, I was apparently so good with them he called me "Goddess of goats". LOL!

In my amusement I just /had/ to draw something about it, so I drew Niko with a goat head and forelegs. Of course, since most of you know I tend to prefer the male aspect of a lot of things (animals, clothing..etc.) so I drew a male goat for the front half. In passing we called the creation "GOGdog", rather "Goddess of goats Dog". I thought it was really cool so I've been toying with the idea of making the change permanent.

Here's the sketch, I'm thinking of making it into a conbadge for me to wear this Califur.

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Sorry for the lame photo I am STILL scannerless!

XD Now, I'm still going to be wearing my Niko badges that other folks have made for me. I'm still hashing out the details but I think like Thornwolf has an anthro and quadropedal form Niko can be herself and then also GogDog under certain circumstances. Drunkenness, for example, would be a good situation for GogDog...aaaaand that was pretty much the theme of this last trip of North it seems XD

I'll have an updated character reference sheet later, I'd love to get a badge from someone else drawn before the con!
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