April 2nd, 2007

Niko  - Smug/evil

GogDog the wonder Gog

Well okay, that joke yesterday didn't go /completely/ as planned but at least it had a happy result :)

Still though I should make something clear that can only be described in image form:

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But I still managed to score some AWESOME awesome gift art from those who were either just playing along, fascinated, or completely duped *oops* XD

Fabulous GogDoggyness under the cut by very talented folks!

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Thanks guys from the bottom of my Goggy little heart *meeeehruff!*

Oh and to gatcat...*barks and butts!*

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Niko by Nevar


In case you haven't noticed I'm slowly getting out of my massive art block. Commissions are resuming as normal finally! :D I finished one the other day and am almost done with another ancient one. Huzzah!

Anyways, to break up the monotony, here's some gift art for smokepaw because he wasn't around for my April Fool's joke yesterday so he gets to be embarrassed today instead.


Little parody of Coppertone since..well, I'm a copper dog.

Aaaand a bit of inner geekery since his RL innitials are SPF and that's his fire station/engine number. (Hurr I'm not giving anything away cuz there's a billion other engine 49's in the country! :D :D :D)

S. you need to get out this summer you have a very white butt apparently :| *flabbergasted*