April 7th, 2007

Shabu Dog

Cali-Thorn-ia Adventure part 5 - Half Moon Bay

First, a song. This song always reminds me of California, it reminds me of trail rides on horseback with my aunt, it reminds me of the ocean, I can just associate the sound with so much of my state. Hokey I know but...music affects all of us differently :)

Death Cab For Cutie -Soul Meets Body

That said, westly_roanoke took me and his friend to Half Moon Bay and the Berkeley hills. The scenery to and from was absolutely spectacular. And fortunately for once I didn't have to drive so I got to enjoy it to its fullest :) Thank you Wes! He knows what I like XD

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*edit* Dammit, I crop these things on my computer and they look fine but when I put them on my mom's computer they look all dark. Do these seem dark to you? On my computer you can actually see the trees without them being black blobs :P I think this monitor is too dark anyways though...
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    Death Cab For Cutie - Soul Meets Body